Brighture has been my second home for the past six months. The environment is new to me because it is far different from the workplace I used to have. However, I must admit that my decision to work in Brighture is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Brighture helps me grow professionally. I learned a lot of things that I’ve never learned before. It gives me the chance to enhance further my English skills. I also met a lot of people who make each day an enjoyable one. I guess there’s no single day that a smile was not painted on my lips because of them. Moreover, the students are kind and always eager to learn. I can see in their eyes their willingness to learn the English language. They may not know it, but their determination is one of the things that inspire me to love my job more.



Brighture is a one of a kind English academy. To begin with, the selection process that all teachers must go through is rigorous and nerve racking. I remember how nervous I was while going through the whole process. The training, coaching, and mock classes were definitely a learning experience for me. It goes to show that Brighture puts in a lot of effort in finding the creme de la creme. In my years of experience as an ESL teacher, it is only in Brighture that I have learned so much in  a short span of time.




Working at Brighture is a great pleasure and a privilege. Every single employee’s contribution is considered valuable. Since joining Brighture, I have had opportunities to develop both my teaching and interpersonal skills. I have always been encouraged to improve my knowledge, skills and attitude. Moreover, at Brighture, we never compromise quality because we aim to create an impact to the lives of our students through the realization of their dreams. Above all, we have dynamic bosses who constantly remind us to go above and beyond. For these reasons, I am truly proud to be part of this constantly growing organization and be associated with talented people.



I am one of the luckiest few who’s working in a company that reciprocates hard work greatly. Over the course of my stay in Brighture, massive changes have happened; promotion in two months, early regularization and opportunities to showcase not only my teaching skill but my talent and leadership have also opened, those in turn motivate me to work even harder and give it my all every single time. Brighture has put me into places and situations that I never thought I’d be in, not to mention the bosses are the best.




Brighture English Academy recognizes the importance of developing young and creative minds. I have the pleasure of working in a school where teachers are given the passion and drive to convey knowledge and core values to students of diverse backgrounds. As an academic adviser, I feel valued for my work and look forward to growing with a company that allows me to enhance my skills in a positive and professional environment.



Working at Brighture is really challenging yet rewarding for me. Challenging, because the school has high standards when it comes to teaching instructions thus mediocrity is not in the teachers’ vocabulary. On the other hand, it is very rewarding because everyday, we are able to touch someone’s life through the teachings that we impart to our learners. Moreover, Brighture gives me the opportunity to work in a pleasant multicultural environment and I have wonderful bosses who know how to treat their employees justly. On top of that, the management team is very good in making sure that the suggestions and opinions of employees are included in the company’s planning process. That said, I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful family.