Brighture English Academy


Located inside J Center Mall, Brighture English Academy is accessible to commuters. Upon entering, you will be welcomed by the warm and accommodating ambiance of the spacious reception area adjacent to the sufficiently furnished pantry. Perfect for their daily tasks,  teachers are provided with their own cubicles as well as comfortable swivel chairs in the well-lit faculty areas. For meetings, presentations, group classes and pronunciation classes, separate rooms with ample space and audio-visual equipment are utilized. The entire establishment is well-maintained and secured with CCTVs that function 24/7. For effective instruction, teachers are aided with up-to-date and adequate resources such as carefully selected textbooks and teaching tools. On top of all that, Brighture teachers are individually equipped with Apple gadgets which, coupled with the fast fiber optic internet connection, paves way for a convenient and hassle-free teaching experience.

J Centre mall


Being located inside a mall has many benefits. Transportation is not a problem, as it is very accessible to jeepneys or cabs. If you have your own car or motorcycle, parking will not be an issue because you have an option to either park in the paid parking area or at the free parking area outside J Centre mall. Either way, it is both safe. Also, there are a lot of affordable food vendors inside the mall or, if you do┬ánot really fancy the food inside, there are small food stores or “carenderias” just outside the building. Furthermore, we are on the same floor as Gold’s Gym which makes it convenient for employees to work out after work. As we all know, staying fit and healthy should be a priority. Brighture even offers a company discounted gym membership. Now, how cool is that! Everything you could possibly need is within your grasp.